We Are Teachers

With many years of classroom experience in urban, suburban, and international education, our team has a unique perspective on educational technology and we are passionate about changing lives through education.

We care deeply about all young people and the opportunities they deserve, and we hope to make the world a more just place by providing greater access to learning for all people.

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The Plan

Why We Need Change

Who We Serve

Students Who Are Discouraged and Don't Like School

Most tools out there are designed for the average student, not for the disengaged student. For a kid who hates school, there's nothing appealing about a tool that just gives him more school. We design everything to meet the disengaged where they are and leverage what already engages students.

Teachers Who Are Over-worked and Under-supported

Few really understand the pressures and stress of teaching unless they stand in front of a classroom everyday. The demands are ever increasing, but the support is sparse, unfocused, and impractical. We design everything to streamline teacher tasks and workflow to reduce clutter and improve work-life balance while increasing effectiveness in the classroom.

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